In this episode of "Podfic a Week" series, I read "The Brighter the Light [The Darker the Shadow]" by Jolie (Jo_Simollie/j0lly_fr0gz).

Alone once again, Borsalino regarded the oil lantern on his desk, the feeling of frost sinking its teeth into his bones was all too familiar. A memory of days long past crept up, far removed, but never quite forgotten. A breeze caused a curtain to flutter like the turning pages of a book.

He shuddered. He told himself it was from the cold.


  • [00:00] Intro
  • [00:26] Part 1
  • [08:03] Part 2
  • [11:02] Part 3
  • [11:50] Part 4
  • [16:16] Part 5
  • [18:07] Outro

You can also find this podfic on on ao3.

This podfic was based on the fic 'The Brighter the Light [The Darker the Shadow]'.