In this episode of "Podfic a Week" series, I read "Overworked and Underpaid" by Harmonica Smile (Harmonica_Smile/ChromaticLamina).

The boys are on strike for a higher bounty. What nefarious shenanigans can they get up to to incur the wrath of the navy and gain a “Wanted Dead or Alive” increase in the process?

Feat: Chopper (Bounty: 100 Beri)

Feat: Bepo (Bounty: 500 Beri)

Supporting cast: Hapless Hearts (Bounties unknown but posters featured in Wano)

Supporting cast: Straw hat pirates (yeah, yeah, Franky. You’ll reach God Usopp levels some day).

Supporting cast: Trafalgar (I don’t give a fuck about that) Law.

Supporting cast: Franky's nipple laser beams.

Publicity: News Coo and "Big News” Morgans

You can find this fic and many others in the One Piece Justice Anthology, which you can find more information about on twitter or download from

You can also find this podfic on on ao3.

This podfic was based on the fic 'Overworked and Underpaid'.