In this episode of "Podfic a Week" series, I read "A Lesson Not Imparted" by Ruxy (arrowntic/enmavibe).

"The kid wasn't even born a few weeks ago and you're already deciding his life for him."

Without missing a beat, Garp replied, "The kid wasn't even born a few weeks ago and the entire world wanted him dead."

"The World Government wanted him dead." Dadan corrected, taking a drag from her cigarette. "His father may have been a demon, but he's just a kid. He doesn't even know his own name yet."


  • [00:00] Intro
  • [00:18] Part 1: Arrival
  • [14:59] Part 2: Idling
  • [27:37] Part 3: Departure
  • [37:26] Outro

You can find this fic and many others in the One Piece Justice Anthology, which you can find more information about on twitter or download from

You can also find this podfic on on ao3.

This podfic was based on the fic 'a lesson not imparted'.