(Twitter: @_zipcodecrone, ao3: zipcodecrone)

Dear podficcer,

This will be my first time participating in #ITPE, so I apologize in advance for any confusing/unclear wording. I'm also not super picky, so take this letter as more of a general guideline.

I love podfics that include music or background sounds to set the tone. I'm happy with podfics of any length. I'm okay with any ratings though I would prefer the smut to be earned (no PWP). I don't want any fics that include rape/non-con or underage.

Fandoms (alphabetical not preferential order)

Adventure Time

Post canon Finn ships are okay. Bubblegum/Marceline. Simon getting redemption.


Especially the animated stuff (Batman the brave and the bold, Batman the animated series, other DC Animated Universe). Batfamily ships are fine, but no Bruce/Talia. No Nolanverse.

Bee and Puppycat

Any genfics are fine, especially if they match the vibe of the show.

Doctor Who

Anything 9th, 10th, 12th or war doctors. Preferably leaning into the consequences of time-travel/immortality.

Dragon Age

Especially Inquisition. Explorations of the world/factions of Thedas.

Harry Potter

Any genfics, or Harry/Hermione. Preferably no Cursed Child/Fantastic Beasts.

Lord of the Rings

Books or original Jackson trilogy.

Mass Effect

Preferably femshep if it includes ships.

Miraculous Ladybug

Ideally based on the early seasons (I'm behind on the show, sue me).

One Piece

Ideally non Straw Hat focused. I love marines and revolutionaries. No sanji.


Any series fine except Stargate Universe. I love the original SG1 team as a polycule.

Things I Like

  • Happy endings that are earned (Characters should go through some struggle before they get the happy ending)
  • Any kind of relationships, including m/m, f/f, m/f, non-binary, poly, etc.
  • Science Fiction (hard or soft)
  • Surrealism/Humor
  • Nonlinear stories
  • Hurt/Comfort (Or just hurt if it's not gratuitous)
  • Found Family
  • I like most AUs except Coffee Shop, Royal, High School, College

Things I DON'T like

  • Excessive Fluff
  • Babyfics
  • Noncon
  • Torture/gore
  • Snuff Horror
  • Fix-it fics that just resurrect a character.
  • PWP
  • X Reader
  • OCs (unless they're written really well)
  • RPF

Explicit Opt-Ins

I am opting in to the following (completely optional) things:

  • podfics of things you (the podficcer) have written.
  • sound effects and/or soundscaping
  • music
  • you're welcome to podfic anything I've written or repod anything I've podficced